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Welcome To Sandesh Foundation

Sandesh Foundation is non-religious, non-profit, public service organization, which gives a message for Health, Education, Environment, which was Registered in 2017. The society has been founded and promoted by Sandeep Pandey. Experts realize that natural resources like land, water and forest, which are the assets for providing livelihood, have turned into liabilities due to its over-exploitation and neglect and Sandesh Foundation is trying to focus in these gray area.

The objective of establishing Sandesh Foundation is to reduce Poverty, Social Evils, Lack of Education, Public Health, Child Labour, Children Education, Women Education, the Help of the Needy People, Rural Development, Environmental Protection, Primary Education and Livelihood Programmes etc. We try to work for the purpose of raising such issues and correcting them.


Founder's Message

Founder & Chairman :Sandeep Pandey

After retirement from INDIAN NAVY. Sandeep Pandey started with an extraordinary dream. To see our society become educated and healthy. Like many of us, Sandeep too was upset when he saw disparity in society for education & health. Unlike most of us thought, he did something about it. For this, he went ahead with a small group to make people aware of burning problems. Today, Sandesh Foundation family has taken a big form. Beyond gender, class, religion, politics and caste, it envision a society where every citizen of the society is healthy and educated as well as become self-depend.
"Helping one person might not change the whole world, But it could change the world for one person."

Our Programs to Help

Sandesh Foundation is supporting many programs but amongst these some are major concern fields of this organization. We request PAN India to come and join us so that it could deliver more and reach more needy people.


Despite the enactment of Right to Education Act and several other initiatives of the Government for educating children, huge count of children in Uttar Pradesh, remain out of school. They may have been enrolled in government schools ...


Good health is a precursor to a good education and a financially independent life. But unprivileged or poor families are unable to afford check-ups and expensive treatments, most of the people living in semi-urban and rural areas are strangers to professional ...


Earth's natural resources include air, water, soil, minerals, fuels, plants and animals. Caring for these resources and using them limited is the nature's protection so that all living things can be benefited by them in the future. Nature, resources and environment ...

Want to Become a Volunteer

Sandesh Foundation is fastest growing NGO in Uttar Pradesh, We want everyone should take active involvement as volunteer, Because it is the main door to help the needy person or support to who live below the bottom line of life. We believe that we can save more lifes with you. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.


#Upcoming Event

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Sandesh Foundation is time to time organizing many events, we try to deliver help till every needy and also wish you should come and be with us.

Upcoming Events

Sandesh Foundation gives some reason to be the happy. When we plan for any programme or event you can get details here.

Give some donation to helpless people for a better life.


Children Education gives a chance to escaping poverty and live healthier and happier lives. By supporting them with good education and extra curricular activity, Sandesh Foundation is raising the standard of living for them and their families, leading them to a brighter future.

Mrityunjay Tripathi
Member of Under 19, Indian Cricket Team

Each child deserves education but still millions of them can not attend school just because of their poorness. Though the task is immense, Sandesh Foundation is continuing with all of its efforts to change the lives of children by providing them access to quality education.

Anuradha Sathe
Social Activist

You guys are doing splendid job when many people were stayed in their home, sandesh foundation was distributing food and other necessary things to help others in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Rajat Arora
Employee (Print Media)

I am very impressed with the intention and way of doing social work of Sandesh Foundation team. as I am a college student but after the completion will definitely join this organization. i will feel it like honour and do some help for needy person.

Ayush Siddharth

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