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COVID-19 is devastating for everyone. But the worst affected are those who were already severely disadvantaged to begin with. The country-wide lockdown is medically necessary but has put insurmountable stress on these populations. Less privileged communities are dependent on family, friends, neighbours, government programs, small businesses and NGOs like us for meeting all their daily and monthly needs. During this COVID-19 lockdown those options are severely constrained, and there is also the additional need for reliable supplies and personal protective equipment.
ince those we serve are less privileged individuals already suffering from financial and social problems, it is even more important that we step up to take our cause even further. So how do we follow all the rules of social distancing and the laws around epidemics while continuing to serve our students? In addition to our own program to distribute groceries and essentials, Sandesh Foundation has been connecting individuals to organisations and good samaritans for various other needs. On the education front, we are rapidly building a new paradigm of interaction with our students and motivating and encouraging them to keep themselves and their loves ones safe and happy.

The Program We Do?

  1. Provided the information of guidelines of Corona.
  2. Keeping people safe and informed.
  3. Connecting with children and communities in a new way.
  4. Making resources available to all.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.